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No Jugs, No Space required, NO COSTS, No environmental impact, requires NOTHING from you!

Our consultants' experience spans all industries, from C-Stores, Automotive dealerships, Oil Change shops, and fleet services like municipalities and airports and more.


As the exclusive distributor for the patented clean shield "keep Fill" product, we are here to provide value for you.  OUR SELECTION AND SUPPLY OF THE BEST AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE LUBE AND FLUID PRODUCTS IS AIMED AT OUR MISSION.  our mission is simply to improve your FLUID SOLUTIONS AND customer service at no added cost

Strategy &


We strive to work with you so you gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE-we do not just supply products like other Lubricant suppliers

We analyze everything from supply chain management to true system costs with our Cost Calculator.  Let us sit and review your current situation and how we can help.

Your business could be exposed to risk. We make sure you're protected by pre-mixing and delivering a safe, economical product that is more cost effective.

Oil, lube, grease, supplies, more-

We provide the best oils, lubricants, fluids, fuel additives and others to C-stores, Agriculture, Industries, Aviation, and more industries

bulk Fluid management- 

Oil Change shops, Auto dealerships, Car Rentals and fleets, Airports and Municpalities

expert analysis- 

Our Cost Savings Calculator

Businesses need vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to get there.​  Our patented "Keep Fill" Washer system is one example

Game changing fluid supply -  C-stores

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